Double Action Diet Pill – Does it REALLY work?

Zephanol-HP is a weight loss supplement that claims to “Burn fat off your body fast” and it “will transform you into a new person”. But are these claims true? We have all heard about the wonders of various diet pills, just to have them disappoint.

To help you better understand what Zephanol-HP is, I am going to break down each of the ingredients with detailed descriptions, then I will explain why it is important that these ingredients have been combined synergistically, and finally the question that I am sure is on your mind: Does it work?

How does Zephanol-HP work? What do the ingredients do?

The first ingredient in Zephanol-HP is 100mcg of Chromium (as chromium picolinate). Chromium picolinate is a naturally occurring mineral, that every body needs trace amounts of. It is commonly found in various foods such as meat and dairy products. Chromium picolinate can also be purchased as a stand alone dietary supplement to help increase the effect of insulin to optimum levels.

In laymen’s terms, chromium picolinate causes insulin to do its job better. Insulin’s job is to breakdown glucose and sugars in the blood stream. The concept behind taking it as a supplement is if insulin is doing its job to the best of its abilities, a person can lose stored fat while building lean muscle.

Choline Bitartrate is a part of the B-vitamin family that is water-soluble and is the next ingredient on the list. It is created within our bodies, but it is such a low amount that everyone needs to supplement Choline Bitartrate either through a diet of eggs, peanuts and organ meats or by taking a dietary supplement. The entire B-vitamin family is known to improve mental functions. It is believed that some people suffering from depression and other similar mental conditions may be deficient in their B-vitamin intake. Where Choline Bitartrate comes into play with Zephanol-HP is when our mental functions are working properly we are more inclined to exercise and eat properly.

Inositol is one of the most powerful weight loss ingredients, especially when combined with an equal amount of Choline it stimulates the metabolism helping to burn fat at an accelerated rate. Inositol is beneficial to more than just weight loss though, it has been shown to maintain and stimulate the heath of cell membranes. Aiding in blood flow, an Inositol supplement is suggested to anyone suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol and those with a high risk for cancer.

Betaine is known for its role in improving cardiovascular health. Many high-risk heart attack and stroke patients are recommended Betaine supplements. You can get Betaine from plants such as beets, broccoli, and spinach but typically a dietary supplement is needed to see improvement to cardiovascular health. Betaine is also found naturally in the stomach where it breaks up fats and proteins. As used in Zephanol-HP, Betaine’s main role is to preserve muscle tissue. It is quite common for anyone who losses weight rapidly to also lose some muscle mass which turns to flab. However Betaine will maintain or even improve muscle health through the cardiovascular system.

One of the essential amino acids, L-Methionine is an essential part of the human diet. Most commonly found in animal proteins, L-Methionine is required for good metabolism and growth. L-Methionine is necessary for the body to be able to create creatine which helps muscles to function properly, in turn aiding the entire cardiovascular system. L-Methionine also has been known to regulate estrogen levels, enhancing mood and overall well-being.

Gymnema sylvestris extract has been used for thousands of years for the treatment of diabetes in India. In large doses Gymnema sylvestris raises insulin levels causing those with diabetes to have to inject smaller doses of insulin. In smaller doses as in the 50mg in Zephanol-HP, it still raises insulin levels slightly. This allows the body to breakdown sugar easier, reducing weight gain and overall body weight.

Guarana is an evergreen vineing plant found in the Amazon, known for its energy enhancing properties. Guarana is often used in energy drinks or taken as a supplement for a pick me up before working out or first thing in the morning. Many have stated that Guarana is basically a herbal form of caffeine. As a herb it is easier for the body to breakdown, reducing the crashing effect that is common with caffeine. As we all know when we have more energy, we are more likely to exercise – again aiding in weight loss.

A supplement used by athletes for decades, L-Carnitine is known for helping athletes’ workout longer at higher intensity levels and reduces muscle fatigue. Without L-Carnitine, muscles regularly burn glucose but when this supplement is added into the diet muscles also burn fat and protein. Known for its ability to increase testosterone, L-Carnitine aides in building muscle and bone mass as well as raising sex drive and enhancing moods in both men and women.

What does “Combined the ingredients synergistically” mean?

This baffled me when I first read about Zephanol-HP. I figured it was just a fancy word to say thrown in one capsule together. My theory was only partially right. According to Princeton.edu synergistically is defined as “in a synergistic or cooperative manner”. I know that’s not helpful but here is the definition of synergistic – “used especially of drugs or muscles that work together so the total effect is greater than the sum of the two (or more)”

This means that Zephanol-HP is a combination of ingredients that work best when put together. As I mentioned earlier Inositol works best when it is taken with an equal amount of Choline. I found similar statements about Choline and Betaine, L-Methionine and all of the above.

This tells me that the makers of Zephanol-HP went out of their way to find the best possible ingredients that when placed together enhance each ingredient’s effect. When going over all of the individual ingredients I also found that they were all balanced. Where one controls estrogen another controls testosterone, there are ingredients that help mood, mental health, boost energy levels and multiple ingredients for heart and cardiovascular system health.

Does Zephanol-HP work?

Yes. I can vouch that Zephanol-HP does in fact work almost as well as they say it does. I did not lose 45 pounds in 7 weeks, 7 to 8 pounds each week, but I did lose the 2.5 pounds every week. As they say results are going to vary depending on your beginning weight. I only had 20 pounds to lose and it is gone after about 2 months!

On top of losing the weight, I also feel better all around. I have been sleeping better and waking up refreshed. The only thing I can associate it to is Zephanol-HP as it is the only thing I have changed in the past few months. I am far more active than I used to be and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I did not realize that this whole time that I was feeling like there just wasn’t enough time in the day was actually because I was fatigued. I wasn’t able to get much done because I was overweight, unhealthy and my body was deprived of some of the essential nutrients that are included in Zephanol-HP.

I will admit that when I ordered Zephanol-HP, I was skeptical but I was also desperate. I had tried various different diets and none of them worked. I have a 3 year old daughter and I was still carrying the baby fat from my pregnancy. I thought I was pretty active too, but no matter what, the weight remained. While looking around on the internet one day I stumbled across Zephanol-HP and figured “What the heck”.

Now that I know it works I just had to figure out why. This is why I did all the research to find out what exactly each ingredient was, how they worked separately and when combined. Now I know Zephanol-HP is not some fad pill that will be pulled off the shelves, because each ingredient has been on the market for years. Only now they have combined the ingredients for ultimate effectiveness.

This is the manufacturer’s website: www.zephanol.com